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Hard money loans funded by private investors are home equity driven mortgage loans funded by private individuals and companies using their own money secured by a real estate trust deed, therefore eliminating the common qualifying, underwriting guidelines, and delays of banks, mortgage companies, and wholesale lenders following Conforming, FHA, VA,Jumbo guidelines.   If you are a consumer in need of this type of financing, or a mortgage broker or banker whom has a difficult loan, or a private investor who is interested in funding real estate secured mortgages, private-investor-loans.com is your source for assistance. If you are buying a home, get more information at buying a home info.com

Hard Money Loans can Help those...

Advantages of Hard Money Loans...

Low or No FICO scores Past / Current Credit Issues
Property Condition / Type
Tax Return / Income 
Non-Conforming Properties

Minimal or No Documentation
Quick Closings - Typically 3-15 days

Easier Qualifying
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We can help you obtain financing for purchasing or refinancing of any type of real estate properties with little or no qualifying guidelines typical with Jumbo, Conventional, FHA, or VA loans. Submit your free loan request, for review and offer.  Order your free credit report here.
We can help you fund those difficult transactions. We are equity driven and specialize in quick closings. Turn your denied files into commissions. Submit your loan request, we will review it immediately and provide you with a prompt answer and price quote.  All information confidential. 
Interested in investing in real estate secured trust deeds? Please submit your investment prefrences above and we will contact you via email with transactions that meet your investment guidelines. This is a free service. All information confidential.
Hot Program - Homes -4 Unit Properties
75% Easy Qual Loan - 1003 & Credit Report Only.
No Verification of Funds - No 4506 / 8821

No Seasoning - No Reserves - Unlimited Cash Out
No Prepay - 30 yr. fixed fully amortized - e-mail for more info.
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Hard Money Loan FAQ's

Q: When are private investor / hard money loans used?
A:The most common situations that a person will require a private investor / hard money loan is as follows: Recent Bankruptcy.  Balloon payment on existing loan is due now. Cannot verify income, tax returns, bank statements, etc. Need emergency cash quickly. Odd or non-conforming types of properties, such as mixed use, multiple units, apartments, land, etc.

Q: Why would a person invest in a hard money loan?
A: Most private investors understand the real estate market, real estate loans and mortgages and are looking for a safe and secure investment with a return better than what they will receive from the bank. Since this types of mortgages are secured by a property with normally 30%- 50% equity, the investor is well protected and receives the benefit of the higher interest rate return.

Q: Are most private investors / hard money lenders trying to foreclose on your home to get the property?
A: No. Private investors / hard money lenders simply want a good return on their investment but they will protect themselves from losing the investment by using the equity in the property. This is a common misconception, private investors / hard money lenders just want the payments made on time but if the borrower is having difficulty they will insure that it will not be a long term problem.

Q: Do I need to provide all my documentation regarding income, bills, etc?
A: This is dependent from investor to investor but typically you will only need to provide minimum documentation to obtain the loan. Also these types of loans are a true no income qualifier loan because you do not need to sign a 4506  or 8821 form.

Q: What if I am a home buyer with damaged or poor credit with a low FICO score?
A: These types of loan are usually used by individuals with past, recent, or current credit issues to rebuild their credit and eventually refinance to a more traditional type loan. FICO scores are no reviewed or required for this type of loan. Get your free credit report here.

Q: As a Mortgage Broker / Banker, can I obtain a private investor loan for my borrower and still receive a commission?
A: Yes, in fact, most loans funded by private investors where originally originated and packaged by a mortgage broker or banker who earned a commission from a loan that they could not previously close with traditional wholesale lenders and investors.

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